Will you accept this rose?

Today is Monday. Do you know what that means?! The Bachelor is on!

My husband gives me a hard time about how much I love reality TV. I don’t even know what it is, but I love The Bachelor! This season, a group of my friends got together and did a Bachelor draft. We drew names out of a hat to see who picks first and then snake drafted until we picked all of the girls. There were two girls left over, so Josh and another husband picked them up.

Team Chevy consists of Kelsey (Austin, yay!), Kaitlyn, Samantha, and Tracy. Over the past couple weeks, I have had one girl eliminated. I’m down to three, Samantha, Kelsey, and Kaitlyn for the win! Josh is still in the running with Mackenzie. 

All of this to say, let’s see if my Fantasy Football victory can carry over to The Bachelor. Which girl do you think Chris will choose?


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