Introvert with an Extroverted Child

Are there any introverts out there who thought you could only be cool if you were extroverted? That was me in high school! I wanted so badly to be popular. I tried to hang out with the cool kids, but I never fit in. They were so cool to me because they were known and I thought they were known because they were extroverted. This even went as far as “cheating” on a Myers Briggs test so that it would show I was extroverted. I took a Social Issues class my senior year of high school and we had to take the Myers Briggs personality test. I’m smart enough to know which questions were the ones that determined whether you are an introvert or an extrovert and I would answer the way I thought an extrovert would. I was a fake extrovert.

A couple years later, I was dating Josh and this topic became an issue. Anyone who knows my husband knows that he is a high extrovert! He LOVES being around people and it definitely brings him energy. When we first started dating, he would invite other people on our dates. Then there is me, who after hanging out with people I want to either go to sleep or lay on the couch and watch TV by myself for hours. We had a lot to work through! Josh ended up doing a leadership development program that highly valued identity and one of the ways they learned more about themselves was through the Myers Briggs test. I took the test honestly and scored as a high introvert. Needless to say, it has taken me a long time to be at peace with this part of me.

Then I had a highly extroverted child.

z mom selfie z too cool

How does my daughter get my husbands personality?! In the end, it’s a lot of fun and I’m so glad that my child gets energy from being around people, but it is exhausting for this mama. Lots of times I want to go to the grocery store nearly invisible because I am on a mission, but also because it’s hard work talking to people I don’t know. Without fail, Mackenzie initiates conversations with someone in almost every aisle. It’s like she wants the whole store to know she is there. At least she asks people what their name is now instead of saying “What’s that?”. Mackenzie will never have a hard time making friends! I’ve learned to adapt and embrace. There is always nap time.


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