Love and Basketball

I’m sitting here with my husband “watching” LeBron James play and all I can think about is that I wish I enjoyed basketball. I’ve tried to like basketball for eight years now! I know that LeBron James is one of Josh’s favorite athletes of ALL time. The Heat won the Championship the first two years Mackenzie was born. We even went and saw LeBron play when the Cavs played the Wizards in 2009.


I think football ruined me. I LOVE the NFL and I’m a huge Ravens fan. In football it’s a really big deal when you get a touchdown or score any points. It’s something to get really excited about. Basketball is hard for me to watch because the players are constantly scoring. Josh says, “It’s a game of runs”. I try! I really do!

I want to get excited about the things Josh gets excited about. I want to get excited about basketball. When we first started dating, Josh thought I had character flaws because I didn’t show excitement the way he would show excitement when LeBron would do something amazing.

Josh: “Kari, LeBron made the winning basket at the end of the game! Insert some crazy awesome statistic here.”

Kari: That’s cool.

Apparently that reaction wasn’t what he expected. 🙂

Maybe I’ll try a little harder. LET’S GO CAVS!!


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