Crazy Foster Care Story

I promised you a crazy foster care story…

When Josh and I first started looking into foster care, we searched the internet for kids who needed homes. We came across a six year old boy that we were drawn to and started praying for him. We never met him, but over the course of a couple weeks we started to fall in love with him.

When Josh and I were getting certified to do foster care, our agency wasn’t certified to do foster care yet. They were trying to get people trained so that when they got certified, they could get the parents started right away. The first time they went to get their certification they failed. We were told they were trying again and failed again. In the midst of all that happening, the boy we were praying for wasn’t on the website anymore. We assumed he had gotten adopted. Even though that is an exciting thing, we were very disappointed. Josh and I decided to start trying to have our own kids. Maybe foster care just wasn’t in the cards for us at that point.

Josh was looking at the website a couple months later and found he was back on. We were really excited about the possibility, but decided to take the weekend to pray about whether we should pursue this again or not. After taking a couple days, I decided from what we know about the boy, he needed parents who had previously been parents. That was a tough decision for me to make because my mind always goes back to the mindset of “If we aren’t going to do it, who will?”. It’s crazy that is what we decided because the next day I found out I was pregnant with Mackenzie!

That is the beginning of the craziness…

A couple years later, Josh found the boy on the website AGAIN! This really made us think that maybe this keeps happening because we are supposed to do something about it. After lots of discussion and talks with wise people, we again came to the conclusion that we are not the best fit.

After we made this decision, I was at the end of my training with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). During training, you need to have three hours of court observation. I had put off going and one day I finally decided to go. I walked into the waiting room and sat next to this really cute kid. While I was waiting, I overheard a conversation from the people next to me. One lady was asking the lady across from her who she was. The lady answered that she was an attorney for the kid next to me. Guess who the kid was! He was the little boy Josh and I were praying for! I couldn’t believe it. I got to see this boy I had invested so much time praying for and caring about. I also got to sit in and observe his court hearing. The court hearing was definitely affirmation that we made the right decision. The crazy part of this is that those types of court hearings only happen every four months. How is it possible that I would choose to observe court on the day that this boy was having his routine court hearing he has every four months?

This whole story is a reminder to me of how much God loves me. Look at what He orchestrates just so that I can have closure in my situation and have peace. It is absolutely incredible. He did that because He cares for me. He cares that I can find joy and peace. He wants to show me His miraculous works and who He is.


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