The Genius of Generosity

While we are on the subject of money…

My church has been talking a lot about money lately. We just finished a campaign to raise money to have more opportunities with building other campuses. We went through a book called The Genius of Generosity. Honestly, I was not very excited about it. I think it is because I’m pretty stingy. In my mind, we don’t have room in our budget to be generous.

As we made our way through this series, my view of generosity drastically changed. The book mentioned time after time how God blesses those who are generous through sacrificial giving. It is way more difficult to give from sacrificing rather than from our excess!

Once I learned this, we made a choice to give to the campaign and we have totally been blessed financially! I remember praying one day about our finances. I’m not going to lie, I never thought that God just handed out money. Well, I was shocked when I got an email saying that my car insurance would be going down more than the amount we chose to give to the campaign! That’s definitely not what I expected. Crazy! God cares about my finances. He wants me to enjoy money and give money. I never thought that God could speak to me through finances!

Check out the book!

Tell me about a time when you were blessed by being generous.


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