I need to get over myself

I just listened to Jamie Ivey’s Happy Hour podcast today with Jessica Turner.


Jamie interviews Jessica and talks a lot about her new book coming out called The Fringe Hours. In the midst of the interview, they talk about a blog that Jessica wrote called Put on that Swimsuit. She opens up a lot about how she is glad that she takes the courage to put on a swimsuit after having children and playing with her kids in the water instead of being insecure about how she looks. Wow, that is huge for me! Since I’ve had kids, I have no desire to get back into a swimsuit. I just let Josh play with Mackenzie or I’ll sit on the side of the pool and watch her run around. That is so lame!

Lots of great points were brought up in the podcast about body image for women. Do I want my daughter growing up being insecure about how she looks because I stress so much about it? Do I want my son to believe that girls are only good enough if they have a certain body type? NO! I didn’t realize how my decision to never wear a swimsuit again in my life could have so many consequences outside of myself.

Also, I LOVE playing with my kids and kids feel so special when their parents pay attention to them!



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