Ash Wednesday

Sorry, I know I’m a little late on this one. I just want to share with you what has been on my heart. I kinda forgot about Ash Wednesday. Is that terrible? All I can think about is how I forgot about Ash Wednesday. I grew up in the Lutheran church going to the Ash Wednesday service every year. I remember going to the service at night and not quite knowing or understanding why I got ashes on my head mostly because I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention. I just wanted to get home as quickly as possible to get the ashes off of my forehead.

Ash Wednesday is the the first day of the 40 days Jesus fasted in the desert when he was tempted by Satan. Now many people use this time to give something up or fast from something in preparation for Easter (Lent). A lot of my friends would give things up for Lent. A lot of the time people give up things like soda, social media, TV, bread, and things like that. For my friends and I, it always ended up being something fun to see if we could actually go 40 days without what we gave up.

Last night, Josh and I listened to a talk from Midweek at Mosaic by our good friend. It was really inspirational for me and put back into perspective the meaning of Lent. Giving something up to replace it so we can refocus and prepare our hearts for Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection. Jesus’ death and resurrection is a lot to take in. Jesus died on the cross for people who constantly were mean to him on many different levels. He died the worst, most painful death possible, a crucifixion. His death shows that he is human. Then, three days later, he rose from the dead. People don’t just rise from the dead. Jesus rising from the dead shows us that he is God. There is so much more to it than that. I could write forever on this, but that is why we have 40 days to reflect and prepare for Easter.

I haven’t actually thought of anything to give up yet. I told you, I’m a little behind on this. What are you giving up in order to prepare your heart?


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