TV Addiction

My daughter and I watch way too much TV. It sounds terrible, but we have the TV on pretty much all day. On top of that, Mackenzie loves to play with the iPad and our phones. We have had to make a one electronic at a time rule. I don’t think that is enough. She is starting to feel entitled to the TV. Something has to change.

Josh and I have talked about getting rid of cable, but I haven’t actually pulled the trigger yet. That is something I need to do. Lots of our friends don’t have cable and a lot of what we watch is on Netflix or the Apple TV anyways. Getting rid of cable will force us to be creative in coming up with different projects to do, books to read, or other toys to play with.

Another idea I have is to make sure I turn the TV off from 9:30-11:30am. That’s a great idea, but now I have to figure out something to do during that time. How terrible does that sound? It’s so hard to think of things to do when it’s cold outside. Any ideas?


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