Mommy Friends

Let me tell you, when you are a mom, the best thing you can do is make other mommy friends. There are so many reasons why this is important!

1. Play Dates-You get adult interaction while your kids are playing with other kids. The only problem is if your child is two or three years old. Ehhh…they don’t always play well with others.

2. Misery loves company-You know those days where you don’t think it can get any worse? Talk to your other mommy friends. I’m sure that they have had days just like yours!

3. Girls Nights-Other moms are always up for girls nights, even if it’s to the grocery store without kids!

4. They just get it-When I was in Florida, I met lots of other moms. I got to bond with them over how hard it is to be a mom and how we need to do things for us too. It was fun to hear all of the things they are passionate about and things they are doing that give them life and energy.

5. They have baby things at their house too!-I love hanging out at friend’s houses that have babies. If I’m bringing my kids, they always have toys to play with, extra diapers, a pack n play, and everything you need. They also understand if Jayden spits up on their couch. Oops!

Where have you met your mommy friends?


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