You teach what you know, but…

I was looking through my pictures and came across this one…


This was from a spontaneous Target lunch date. I use to do those things with Mackenzie all the time. It was so much fun. What happened? I had Jayden. Not like that is a bad thing at all. It is just so much harder to get out of the house. Literally it takes me an hour and a half to get ready to go somewhere in the morning with the kids. Uhh, that is so ridiculous. So ridiculous, but so worth it!

Recently we haven’t been leaving the house. It is so cold outside. That is my excuse anyways. Really, it’s so much easier to stay at home. It’s so much easier to turn the TV on or put the kids in the bathtub to play. Even if it’s hard, I need to make a point to get out and do something with the kids. I need to remember to be intentional in my parenting.

Josh always says this quote by John Maxwell, “You teach what you know, but you reproduce who you are”. That quote is so powerful for me right now. As a toddler, Mackenzie picks up on so much already! She wants to play on our phones all the time because that is what she see’s us doing. Imagine what she will pick up on years down the road. I don’t want her sitting on the couch all the time watching TV. I want my daughter to be a go-getter. I want Mackenzie to chase her dreams and challenge herself. I want for her to love people and be a voice a hope. I want her to love Jesus and live a life reflecting that. How is she going to learn how to do that? Through Josh and I. I better start being an example of this for my children.


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