Losing my Baby Weight

I didn’t know that losing the baby weight would be so hard after the second kid. After Mackenzie, I didn’t have to do much and I was almost back down to my original weight. With Jayden, I weigh more now than I did right before I delivered Mackenzie.

So, I’m taking baby steps to lose this weight and live a healthier lifestyle. I have been using the coldness and my kids as excuses not to exercise. Then, my friend told me about this AWESOME YouTube channel that has ten minute workout videos. These videos are perfect because I work up a sweat and I can do them while the kids are awake. Shortly after Jayden was born I started to do P90X and it was impossible. It was impossible to get through an hour or more workout without the kids waking up or needing something. In these shorter videos, the kids can weight ten minutes! Check out the channel…


My other step in trying to lose weight and living a healthier lifestyle is to give up soda. Ahhhhhh!!!! I can’t believe I’m trying this again. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Dr. Pepper! But, this is how I think about it…a can of soda has 150 calories in it. When you run a mile, you lose about 100 calories. I would have to run a mile and a half to work off the soda I just drank. Not worth it at this point! Also, my sister sent me this…

Need I say more?


One thought on “Losing my Baby Weight

  1. You can do it Kari! I will soon be in the same boat once I lose all the fluid weight and have to do the rest myself. After carrying babies for 9 months the least our bodies could do is go back to their original size on their own, right?!

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