Who do you want to be?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn

Wow, that quote is crazy. How true is it for your life? I have so many examples of how I relate to it.

Freshman year of college. Enough said.

My first three years of college I did competitive cheerleading. I spent most of my time with the same 35 people. These girls are the most motivated, hardworking people I know. Because I spent most of my time with motivated, hardworking people, I became a harder worker and more motivated in life. It’s also interesting what happens when you get 35 people together that all want the same thing (National Championship) really bad.

In college I was also involved in Cru. Cru is a college ministry on campus. I spent all the time I didn’t do competitive cheerleading with my Cru friends or “doing school”. These friends were servant leaders. They served when no one was watching like everyone was looking. They also loved other people more than they loved themselves. Because they were doing this and they were also influential, their actions and character were contagious. This is where I learned what it looks like to be like Jesus. I knew that if I was hanging out with these people, then I would learn so much about what life was meant to be like.

This is so important for me when I think about my children. I hope that my children choose to be around people that make Mackenzie and Jayden better people. I want them to love others. I want them to be servant leaders. I want them to choose a meaningful life.

Where do you see yourself in five years? What are your dreams? How are your friends helping you become that person?


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