I wish I made an irresponsible decision

For those of you who don’t know me, I LOVE Boyz II Men. They are coming to the Austin Rodeo in a couple weeks. Josh and I were going to buy tickets because they are $20 each. That is not bad at all. I get to the website and the cheap seats are pretty bad. Some of them are behind the stage. Let’s be real, I’m not really going to watch the rodeo. I want to see Boyz II Men. We looked at the more expensive tickets and decided that we didn’t want to spend $75. Womp Womp! Sometimes I wish I made an irresponsible financial decision. Come on…it’s Boyz II Men and they will be in my city!!

Let’s keep our eyes on the prize…a new Mac!

That’s the hard part about saving money. Things always come up. Fun things and unplanned things like car issues. You move steps forward and then sometimes you have to take steps backwards.

This is similar to striving to reach any goal. For instance, if you are an athlete and want to win the championship. You work really hard to get there. You go to practice everyday. You eat healthy. You mentally prepare. As hard as you work, you can’t control everything that happens. You could get injured. You could have travel issues. Your coach might quit.

Sometimes there are roadblocks that you can’t control, but a lot of the times you can control how you achieve your goal. If you are an athlete, you can control your grades to make sure you remain eligible. You can control learning the plays and how hard you practice. Most of the time you can control whether or not you show up to practice. There might be things that come up along the way that you would rather do, but you have to set your eyes on where you want to be in the end. Just like Boyz II Men. That would be so much fun, but it would take me a couple steps back in reaching my goal of a Mac. Sometimes the distractions are worth it…(I’m still trying to decide if Boyz II Men is a good distraction).

Apparently, I’ve been thinking about goals and achieving dreams a lot lately. What are some of your goals? What are some things that are preventing you from achieving your goals? Can you control these roadblocks or are these roadblocks being made for you?


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