Kids say the funniest things

Kids say the funniest things. They have the BEST sense of humor. I wish I had an imagination like Mackenzie. You know the little green army men? We were given a train set from a friend and it randomly had an army man in the box. Mackenzie showed Josh her new toy boy that had a guitar on a skateboard. I guess when you don’t know anything about soldiers or the army you would guess that man is holding a guitar.

We are trying for like the third time to potty train Mackenzie. This time we are having incentives for every tenth time she successfully goes potty (still not making a difference). After she goes thirty times, hopefully by that time she is fully potty trained, my mom, Nana, said she would buy her a toy. Josh and I asked Mackenzie what toy she wanted and she said a pony. Then she explained that she wanted a big pony. If she is thinking a real pony, then she is going to be really disappointed. We asked her what a pony says, fully expecting the typical “neigh”. No, my daughter proceeds to say that a pony would say, “Hi Mackenzie, it’s really nice to meet you”. That is verbatim.

What happened to our imagination? Why don’t we think like that anymore? Is part of it losing our innocence and our growth in knowledge? Are we trained to think more seriously and not think outside of the box? I wish I could be as imaginative as Mackenzie. I wish that I could dream up this whole imaginary world where there is a tickle monster that chases you and your mom has to protect you from it. Or the world where trains eat food at restaurants and are looking for their mommies. Oh the innocence of a toddler. I hope Mackenzie doesn’t lose that.

What are some of the funniest things your child has said?


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