A Day of Firsts!

Yesterday was a day of firsts for Jayden! A big day! Our whole family was at the eye doctor (I don’t recommend this option) and I noticed Jayden got his first tooth. It is his bottom right one. This is so crazy to me because Mackenzie didn’t get her first tooth until she was 12 months old! So, for Jayden to get it at eight months is a lot earlier than expected.

For the past couple months, Jayden has been able to get on his hands and knees. He can move his knees, but not his arms. He is SO close to crawling. Apparently he has given up on the crawling thing. Jayden has taught himself how to scoot. It seems like a lot of work. Instead of moving just his knees, now he moves just his arms. It’s not like the army crawl thing that all the other babies do. He literally pulls himself forward with his hands. If you ask me, it’s probably easier to learn how to crawl.

Yesterday for the first time, I sat Jayden in the grocery cart next to Mackenzie. This clears up all sorts of room for groceries in the back of the cart. HEB’s carts don’t provide lots of room for moms who want to put a toddler in the front and put a baby in their carseat across the back. The carseat ends up covering the entire back of the cart leaving little room for groceries. So, putting Jayden next to Mackenzie was a really big deal! It was great until I let Mackenzie hold the Fritos. All of a sudden that is all Jayden wanted. That led to Mackenzie yelling “No Sir” to Jayden the whole trip. Later, while checking out, Jayden decided to gnaw on Mackenzie’s shoulder. Ehh, it could be worse, right? Any advice on how to keep the kids from touching each other? Is it even possible?

Anyway, they looked cute (or angry)…

JZ in cart


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