Don’t Lick the Windows!

Let’s just talk more about my eye doctor experience.

I thought it was a brilliant idea to bring the kids with us and have our appointments back to back so that one of us could watch the kids while the other is with the doctor. Not a smart idea. We should have just made our appointments for different days. I didn’t think about our appointments overlapping at all. While I was with the doctor they had pulled Josh back to get his medical history. Mackenzie does not like to sit still and Jayden does not like to be in the carseat. Next time we won’t bring the kids.

This was Josh’s first time at the eye doctor! His eye’s aren’t that bad, but he did have to order glasses for reading and watching TV. He looks good in them! Remember when I told you that Mackenzie doesn’t like to sit still? While Josh was trying on glasses, I had to tell Mackenzie to not lick the windows and stop hanging from the aquarium and I know people heard me. My daughter is crazy! She’s a keeper.

I’m getting new glasses too! Have you heard of Warby Parker? It’s like the new cool place to get your glasses. It’s kind of like Toms shoes where you buy a pair of glasses and they give a pair away. What I’m excited about is you choose five pairs of glasses and they ship them to your house to try them on for free. Then you have five days to mail them back and choose which ones you like. I just ordered my glasses to try on. I’m REALLY excited about them! I’ll let you know what I choose. Check out Warby Parker:

Happy Monday!

Josh and J

P.S. Is anyone else excited about The Bachelor finale tonight?!?!


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