Breaking up with Cable

Ahhhh! I did it! I called yesterday and scheduled to be done with cable on the 31st. After I hung up the phone I got really scared! I won’t know all of the reality tv drama the night it happens. I will probably always be a day behind. 

On the other hand, I will be forced to do things. Maybe my house will be cleaner. Maybe we will go to the park more. Maybe this will help me reach my 15 book goal. I also don’t need to be watching tv as much as I do. I usually have TLC on at all times for background noise.

Another really exciting thing about getting rid of cable is the money we will be saving or spending on other things. We will be saving $85/month. The price just kept creeping up because the deals started to end. This means $85 every month that will go to my Mac fund. That fund loses money and gains money super inconsistently. I’ve sold things to add to the fund, but have had to take from the fund for glasses. We are getting there!


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