Do I really want four kids?

I am having a hard time. Staying at home with a two year old and eight month old is hard. We have some really good days and then days that are really difficult. Yesterday it just felt like every two seconds Mackenzie was asking for something. She wanted more chocolate milk. She wanted me to hold her. She wanted to sit on the counter every time I walked into the kitchen. In the meantime, Jayden had a slight fever of 100.8. I think it is just because he is teething. He wasn’t feeling well, so he wanted to be held all the time. These are days when I look forward to nap time more than usual.

I always pictured myself having a bigger family. Josh and I want four kids. That would be so much fun. I love watching Mackenzie and Jayden interact. I’m so excited to see four siblings interact (on a good day). I’m afraid that I want four kids, but can only handle two. Is this because of the age of my kids? Anyone else feel this way?

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2 thoughts on “Do I really want four kids?

  1. I know how you feel! We have talked about having 4 kids and only have 1 (Bella) at the moment but sometimes just taking care of her is difficult. It’s hard to imagine taking care of her and 3 future kids at the same time. It helps to think though that age does matter and by the time we would have more kids Bella would be older and more independent.

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