A week with Bethany

Remember when I told you that I was driving to Dallas to pick up my sister? Well, she is finally here!


The drive was pretty crazy. The kiddos did really well, but it was exhausting. As a driver, I’m a wimp. We stopped on the way to Dallas because I had to go to the bathroom and change the kids diapers. So obviously, Mackenzie needed cookies. Everyone told me that I had my hands full. Uhh, yep! Luckily, Mackenzie pretty much ate snacks and played with her toys the entire 3.5 hours. She fell asleep the last 20 minutes. Isn’t that how it always happens?

After we picked up Bethany, we went to the Fort Worth Zoo. It was sooooooo crowded. I wasn’t even thinking about how it was the first nice Saturday in a really long time. We saw some animals, but spent a lot of time finding a place to eat that didn’t have a crazy line. For some reason, Mackenzie was really excited to see the goats. It was her animal of choice.

photo 5 photo 4

photo 2 photo 1

An hour into our drive home, we stopped and got milkshakes from McDonalds. Mackenzie loved that idea. Anything with sugar! I needed a little pump up time before the last two hours until we were home.

photo 1

Needless to say, we are so excited that Bethany is here and it should be a really fun and awesome week!


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