Grocery shopping with two kids is exhausting

photo 2

Sunday morning, my sister and I took the kids with us grocery shopping. For me this is a weekly occurrence, but this was a first for Bethany. Jayden kept reaching for Mackenzie and touching her. She doesn’t like that, so it ended up being a big deal. We got that under control and then Jayden got tired. It was around his nap time and he started getting fussy. Bethany and I were so sore from carrying the kids around the zoo for hours on Saturday. We really wanted to save carrying Jayden as a last resort. But guess what? We ended up carrying him. We carried him pretty much the entire time. That was poor timing on my part.

Bethany commented to me about how she doesn’t know how I do it. We just wanted to get home, lay on the couch, and watch tv when we were done. I’m not going to lie, it made me feel really good. Thanks! I like when people start to understand how hard it is to be a mom. I like when it’s recognized. Yes, going to the grocery store with two kids is difficult. I do it though. Josh has his own job and other things to worry about. I’m not going to add watching the kids while I grocery shop to his list. Most of the time they do really well!


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