Wrapping it up with Bethany

Last week was so much fun! Thursday and Friday were relaxing days. Thursday we made playdough for Mackenzie. She loved it!

We used this video for instructions…


On Friday, we got some free Rita’s! Mango is the best flavor!

Josh came home Saturday and we pretty much just hung out and had Chicken Express for dinner. Another first for Bethany! We were all exhausted and falling asleep on the couch trying to watch basketball by the end of the night. 

The drive to the airport was great. I got a whole 3.5 hours with Bethany to myself (well, does Jayden count?). We had lots to talk about and some awesome music to listen to. The drive back to Austin from Dallas was brutal. Why would there be so much traffic on a Sunday afternoon? 

To sum it up, I love Bethany so much and wish that we could do stuff like this more often!


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