Today I am thankful I rent

Wow, I have not been consistent with writing the past few days. I apologize! It has been crazy around here.

Josh was gone last week and my sister was here. I drove to Dallas and back on Sunday. That night I was doing laundry and noticed water coming up through the bathtubs and the shower. The toilets also were not flushing very well. What?! Luckily, everything would drain, just REALLY slow!

Our homeowners are super great! They came over on Tuesday and we tried liquid plumber and poured really hot water in the drains. Did not work! By this point, our bathtubs were gross and Mackenzie is WAY past due for a bath. Her hair was super matted and greasy and she smelled! I really almost tried to fit her in the sink. Is almost three years old too old for that?

I was on my way to my friends house to bathe my stinky child yesterday and I got a call saying that someone could come out and unclog our drain! Yayyyyyyy!! So thankful that got fixed. I am so thankful for our homeowners who do so much for us! I am also thankful that we rent because I don’t know the first thing about fixing anything in a house.

Another great thing about yesterday is that Mackenzie and I had an awesome day! She isn’t a teenager yet and I feel like we already butt heads. How is this possible?! I guess it’s a three year old thing. But yesterday was great. We had so much fun laughing and running around the house. I love my baby girl!

Speaking of Mackenzie and in honor of Throw Back Thursday these pictures were from about a year ago. It’s amazing how fast they grow!

photo 1 photo 2


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