Just Checking In

Hey guys! Last week was a terrible blogging week. It was a catch up week with Josh. I feel like it is always crazy after he has been gone. I wanted to catch up on time that we missed and Josh had to get reacclimated to work and not being at the beach, I guess. Must have been hard being at the beach for the week. Just kidding…maybe…

Lets talk about three big things that happened last week…

1. The clogging of our drains. Blahhhh, we already talked about that. I finally found out what the cause of all of it was. We have some big trees in our yard and the roots were messing with the pipes! That is so crazy! I’m so glad they didn’t find something embarrassing that clogged the drain. With a two year old you never know…

2. This week was hard emotionally. Lots of meltdowns. Lots of not wanting to go anywhere. Lots of grace needed. It was just a hard week.

3. So sunburnt! Yesterday was a beautiful day in Austin!  We went to watch Josh play football in the morning and went to a birthday party in the afternoon. Uhh…I haven’t spent time outside in the sun in probably three years. I have had newborns or it is just super hot in Texas so I don’t go outside. Let’s just say that I closely resemble a lobster. I will be carrying sunscreen in my diaper bag from now on.

Ahhh…one more thing…

MARCH MADNESS!! Let’s go, Kentucky!!! I picked you to win! I know I said I don’t like basketball, but March Madness is a completely different thing. I LOVE competition. I’m totally engaged if there is a possibility of me winning something 🙂 I also learned a lot yesterday. I finally understand that the refs don’t make up how many free throws the player gets if there is a foul. Apparently, there are rules. Who would have known?!


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