What happens at an egg hunt with two year olds?

Yesterday, my friend Brooke set up an Easter egg hunt in her backyard for the kiddos. She had about 90 eggs with candy and stickers in them thrown all around her yard. We thought the kids would just run and grab as many eggs as they could and put them in their baskets. We thought maybe they would fight over them. The opposite happened! They picked up each egg one at a time and opened them as they went. They were eating the candy as they picked up each egg! They went as far as shaking the egg before they opened it so they knew if it had candy in it or not. It was so funny!! Did I mention there were eight kids?

cwvDm9asA_Lw9YsGTQNy8vW7Zxw-2 cwvDm9asA_Lw9YsGTQNy8vW7Zxw-3 cwvDm9asA_Lw9YsGTQNy8vW7Zxw cwvDm9asA3Lw9btnAfl5esWDJoI

You know you can’t get all eight kids in one good picture! This is my attempt with six of them…

photo 2

Brooke was awesome and also had a little coloring station set up. She had paper wrapped around their picnic table. The kids loved it!

photo 3

My friend, Haleigh, brought cinnamon rolls and Brooke made eggs. It was delicious! Here are some more pictures of the littles…

photo 1 photo 4


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