First day without cable…

I had the cable set up to turn off yesterday. I didn’t know what time, but I was hoping after Jessa Duggar’s wedding. I made it! I got to watch it and it was wonderful. She looked so beautiful and I absolutely loved her dress! 

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning and the cable was off. That’s what I should have expected to happen because that is what I planned. I was hoping the cable company would forget to turn it off or something would happen where I could keep cable. 

This morning was easy because we went grocery shopping, so we weren’t home to watch tv. What have I done?! I’m nervous to not have the tv as a crutch if I can’t think of anything to do or if I want to relax. We have Netflix and Hulu, but I use to just have TLC on all day. This will be good for me. I will get back on track with my reading goal (15 books in 2015) and maybe my house will be cleaner. Maybe I’ll do more crafts with Mackenzie. Maybe we will go outside more.

What are some fun things you have done with your littles?


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