La Barbecue

Yesterday was such a fun day! It is kinda crazy to say that because it was Good Friday. I should have spent more time reflecting on Jesus’ death. I didn’t spend much time thinking about it. Lots of people celebrate Easter, but Good Friday is just as important. Jesus had to die in order to rise and conquer death. Just a quick thought.

Anyways…yesterday was so much fun! Originally we were supposed to go to Franklin’s Barbecue, which is not only the number one barbecue place in Austin, but the number one in the world! People stand in line for hours! Josh got in line at 8:15am and a couple hours later was told we wouldn’t get meat until 1:45pm. Luckily, the kids and I stayed at home until Josh got closer to ordering. We decided to go somewhere else. We ended up at La Barbecue which is the number two best barbecue in Austin. The owner use to work at Franklin’s! It was sooooooooo good!!

photo 1 photo 3

I need to work on my picture taking skills, but La Barbecue is pretty much a trailer. There is free beer while you stand in line with some picnic tables. The line was super long, but it went pretty quick. Look at that meat! YUM

Later last night, we took Mackenzie to Amy’s ice cream. We told her that we would take her to get ice cream if she went on the potty ten times. Yay, she did it! We are actually on 15 right now! It’s amazing what Birthday Cake Oreos can make a toddler do. I’ll have to keep those in stock!

Look at how big my little boy is getting…

photo 2


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