Healthy Eating

I’m trying to eat healthier by adding salads and smoothies to my diet. I’ve been drinking smoothies in the morning and if I get hungry inbetween meals. It’s hard to stick to it! 

What are some of your favorite easy smoothie and salad recipes? What about ones that kids love?

Have you seen a difference in energy or weight loss since adding smoothies and salads to your diet? I need motivation šŸ™‚


One thought on “Healthy Eating

  1. Hi Kari,

    Yes weight loss and energy. But I believe it’s because the smoothies I drink are from Shaklee and are a complete healthy meal replacement. I know this sounds like I’m “selling” to you, and I do “sell” Shaklee, but it’s totally true. My family has used their products for over 25 years and it makes so much of a difference in all of us. You can check it out if you want at, then search Shaklee 180. If you don’t want to, that’s fine too. I would just recommend you get some protein into your smoothies to help you stay full longer! Blessings!

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