My New Adventure!

I just started a business with Rodan + Fields! I’m so excited that I can make some money, have a professional outlet, AND stay at home with my kids. I just got these products in the past couple days and am so excited to start using them…

photo copy 2

So far, I LOVE the Lip Micro-dermabrasion! Makes my lips feel nice and smooth! Check it out…

Aside from my new business…

Have you ever tried to mail a big box at the post office with two little kids? Uh, nearly impossible! I should have taken a picture. Imagine…putting both kids in the double stroller that is pretty heavy and trying to push it with one hand and struggling to carry a big box with your other arm. What do you do when you get to the door and have to push it open? Let’s just say I looked pretty pathetic. The trick is to push the door open with your back and follow with the stroller. Well, that’s the strategy I used. This old man felt so bad for me that he offered to carry my box to the counter. That was really nice of him! How do you get things done with three kids?! Holy cow!

Also, last night I tried a new pork tenderloin recipe! It was so good!


One thought on “My New Adventure!

  1. Haha Kari, I feel your pain! I am learning how to do things with a double stroller and two babies and some things just don’t work out! Like when I put one carseat in the shopping cart, wore the other baby, did my grocery shopping only to get to the cashier and realize I had no where to put the bags! I had to take the carseat out and carry it while pushing the cart with one hand, hold on to the baby I was wearing, and trying to make sure my Starbucks wasn’t going to fall out of the cup holder! I am also quickly learning which stores have room for my stroller, which is the double wide, not the tandem. It’s definitely an adventure with two!

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