People these days…

My car got broken into a couple of days ago! Are you serious?

My friend and I took a walk on a trail and when we got back the window was smashed. They got my new diaper bag and my wallet was in it. I had a $100 gift card from around Christmas in there that Josh and I were going to use on a date tonight. They also got some diamond necklaces I had in my glove compartment. Uh yea, that’s kinda sketchy, but I had them in there from when I went to the pawn shop last weekend and decided not to sell them. I guess I should have taken their offer. Super disappointing!

Needless to say, this week has been rough. I have spent time talking to cops and detectives. I spent a ton of time at the DMV and the bank. Now, I am exhausted! It is also super upsetting because we work so hard to save money and then it is just taken from us.

On a happier note, I am officially typing on my new Macbook Air. I love it! It will be so nice to have a computer at home. I’ll be able to work on Rodan + Fields stuff more efficiently and I can start writing blogs whenever I want instead of only when Josh is at home.

Last thing, tonight is DATE NIGHT!!! We were going to go to the movie theater with our gift card, but now it’s probably going to be Asia Cafe (the BEST) and something fun that we haven’t thought of yet. Any ideas?


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