Kids have a great memory!

Mackenzie is so funny! Kids seriously say the funniest things. Today she started singing, “Baby, baby, baby, ohhh” and Josh and I were like uhh what are you singing? We knew the song obviously, but I don’t normally play Justin Bieber. She said, “It’s Justin Bieber from Auntie B’s phone.” Guys, my sister was here like a month ago! How does she remember that?! People, be careful what you say, do, anything around children!

On another note, I’m trying to decide what to do about a diaper bag. We probably won’t have another kid for another 2-3 years when Mackenzie is in Kindergarten. Jayden will be done with bottles hopefully in two months and Mackenzie should be out of diapers soon. I don’t think it makes sense for me to get a new diaper bag. I’m thinking I need a big purse.

I’m looking at something like this:

I love it, but possibly something cheaper? Any ideas?


One thought on “Kids have a great memory!

  1. I love Better Life Bags! I really want to get one, I love how they help other women! I also just saw that atoms has started selling bags and every bag sold helps a woman with a safe birth. Maybe they’ll have a tote big enough or you?

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