Stitch Fix #3

First things first…this is what my bathroom looks like right now…


1. Toys in the bathroom constantly
2. Minnie toilet seat- Mackenzie is in underwear when we are at home. Maybe she will be fully potty trained before she turns three in the next couple of weeks!
3. Pink baby bath tub- Poor Jayden bathes in a pink tub.

Onto the important stuff…
My third Fix came today. Let me tell you, this box is a winner!
**Disclaimer- This is my first time taking pictures with my computer. Not very good, but you see the clothes and that’s what matters! Also, disregard the dirty diaper on the floor 🙂

1. Knitted tank top
This was the first thing I pulled out of the box. I had a terrible first impression. Who wants to wear a sweater tank top when it’s hot outside? Umm…I LOVE this! Keep!

Photo on 4-25-15 at 10.11 PM #2

2. Striped blue shirt
I love this color and the back is pretty cool! Keep!

Photo on 4-25-15 at 10.18 PM #3 Photo on 4-25-15 at 10.18 PM

3. Striped neutral shirt
This is one of those shirts that I would never pick out for myself, but because I tried it on I love it. The back is really pretty. Keep!

Photo on 4-25-15 at 10.14 PM #4 Photo on 4-25-15 at 10.14 PM #3

4. Maxi Skirt
Maxi skirts are so comfortable! This skirt gives a pop of color and the material is awesome. Keep!

Photo on 4-25-15 at 10.23 PM

5. Dress
This dress is my favorite in the box! I love it because it’s plain and I always lean towards plain. I don’t typically like dresses, but this dress is awesome. It’s loose. The color is great. The material is light. All things to love!

Photo on 4-25-15 at 10.29 PM

I’m planning on keeping my entire box!! I’m so excited! My wardrobe is getting so much better 🙂

Stitch Fix has an awesome referral program, so I would totally appreciate it if you used my link to check it out!


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