Let’s be real…

I try to be content with who I am and what I look like. I try to give myself grace and say that I have had two babies and that is why I weigh as much as I did right before I delivered Mackenzie. That is not a good feeling. I weigh as much as I did when I was nine months pregnant! So, I gave up soda…

I gave up soda for about two months and went to the endocrinologist last week. I gained weight! I’m about fed up. I miss being strong. I miss being able to wear certain things without feeling embarrassed. I miss being challenged physically. I’m taking a new step.

I just ordered the 21 Day Fix with Beachbody. I’m really excited about it. It focuses on nutrition and fitness. The package comes with a couple workout dvd’s, a meal plan, and these cool containers that will help me portion my food according to what I should be eating. I’m ready to make a change. I’m ready to be healthy. I’m done being upset with myself and throwing pity parties.

Let’s do this!!!


3 thoughts on “Let’s be real…

  1. Good luck with your new program Kari, but even without it you are and always have been beautiful! Try not to let it get you down too much. You’re gorgeous!

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  2. I did some beachbody workouts in college, and I liked them! I found the arms ones really hard because the ones I did would be a 45 minute workout all about arms, and my arms couldn’t handle it, ha! But overall they were great! You can do it πŸ™‚

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