Overwhelmed by Uncertainty

What the heck is going on in my life right now? I have never felt more uncertain and more excited at the same time. We have really exciting things that are about to happen, but also big risks that are about to happen. Let me tell you, I am being stretched and challenged to a point that I don’t think I have ever reached. Yes, I have been physically challenged doing competitive cheerleading to this point, but not in regards to trust, faith, and dependency. I have had to depend on Jesus way more than I ever have. We know where we are headed in regards to location and ending goal, but as far as the journey goes we are kinda clueless. I am scared, but I am excited. God is about to do something big, I don’t doubt that one bit. There is a reason why my family is being stretched and challenged. We are learning so much in this process and it will be used. We will be taken care of. God will provide because we are being obedient and letting Him guide us.

On a different topic…
My littlest sister just graduated high school! I am so proud of the woman she has become. She has worked extremely hard to finish well and to transition to a new, exciting adventure. Continue to follow your dreams and take risks. Life doesn’t progress unless you take steps of faith. Do not settle for being content. There is way more to life than living in mediocracy. Live extraordinarily!


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