Reflecting on the day before Jayden was born

Tomorrow is Jayden’s first birthday! It’s crazy to reflect on this day a year ago. This day a year ago I was preparing for the unknown of a c-section. I was preparing for the unknown of a possible NICU stay. Two weeks before, I was told that I was going to have my baby three weeks early and he was growth resistant. I didn’t know the full extent of what that really meant or the implications of that. I knew that he was falling off of the growth chart pattern, he was breech, and there was a possibility that he would have to go to the NICU.

As far as the c-section goes, I knew lots of people had opinions of that. Trust me, people made that clear to me! Even though I heard what they were saying, I knew I trusted my doctor. She had proven herself to be great through my pregnancy and delivery with Mackenzie. I was going to do what she suggested. Trying to flip Jayden at that point could be too stressful with what he was going through being growth resistant. I was TERRIFIED of basically being cut in half, but I knew that was what needed to happen and I didn’t really have a way out of it.

As far as the possible NICU stay, I knew I didn’t want that to happen. I didn’t want that to happen, but I also knew that was a realistic possibility. I prepared myself mentally and already had him sent to the NICU in my head. I had so many friends who had babies in the NICU and they had been super supportive of me when we found out this was a possibility. I knew the nurses and the doctors at my hospital were great!

I had so much to think about the day before Jayden was born. How was Mackenzie going to react? How hard is it to have two kids two years apart in age? Will Jayden come home with me when I get discharged? What does it feel like to come home without a baby? How terrible is a c-section recovery? Wow, what a crazy last day with one kid!

The morning Jayden was born!

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