Six Year Anniversary in San Antonio

About a week and a half ago, Josh and I went to San Antonio for our anniversary. It was so much fun! We rarely get to get away by ourselves overnight, so this was a needed trip. On the way to San Antonio, I made Josh listen to a panel at the IF:Gathering on racism. It was so good! Check it out here. I thought it was great and I LOVE all the women who spoke.

Once we got to San Antonio, it was dinner time and Josh was craving a burger. We read a bunch of great reviews on Charlie Wants A Burger, so that made it an easy decision especially when I saw they have great margaritas. This was my first prickly pear margarita and it lived up to all of the hype!


After that, we walked the strip by the Alamo and peeked our heads into all of the fun attractions. I’ve always wanted to go to a wax museum, but it was kinda late (like 9pm, but that’s late!) and I couldn’t justify spending the money. We had just as fun in the lobby. Josh was obsessed with the tallest man! That’s really how tall he was!

IMG_1112 IMG_1110 IMG_1109

The next day we went to the outlets on the way home and went to pick up the kids. The day after that was Father’s Day, so obviously we went to Asia Cafe. We are surely going to miss that place when we move!


That night, we had the chance to fully celebrate Jayden’s birthday allowing him to dive into a cupcake. He LOVED it! Unfortunately, Mackenzie had her eyes closed 😦

IMG_2786 IMG_2790

June is a busy month for us!


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