Today is the day!

Today is the day we start our move to Tampa! I’m sure I will be excited when I get there, but right now it’s really sad. I also don’t think it has completely hit me. I don’t think it will hit me until we get into the car. The last two months have been full of goodbyes and preparation. I’m ready to finally just go. I don’t love to be in limbo.

We loaded the truck and had people over all day yesterday. I typically live my life in the present rather than focusing on the future or the past, so it’s easy for me to stay focused on being overwhelmed by fitting everything in the truck and cleaning. While I was at Walmart yesterday, I felt the sadness. Things won’t be the same. I can’t see these people whenever I want. How many opportunities did I have in Austin that I didn’t take full advantage of? There are people I wish a pursued a more in depth relationship. I can’t dwell on the past.

New beginnings start today! I get a fresh new start. There are so many fun things to do in Tampa and I think the kids will LOVE it. Mackenzie is already talking about her new friends and the princesses. Being 11 hours closer to family is also a HUGE deal. A 13 hour drive is doable compared to the 24 hour drive from Austin to Maryland.

Wow, this is crazy. I never thought I would move away from Austin. When people asked if we would move away from Austin, we always told them “If we are called somewhere else”. That is happening! We are being called to plant a church in Tampa. Big things are about to happen. I don’t even think I know the full reality of this decision, but it’s going to be big.


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