We Live in Tampa

It has officially been two weeks since we have moved to Tampa. It has also been two weeks since I have written a blog post. Sorry! We have been busy doing a lot of logistical moving type things. Florida is expensive to move to! Apparently there are a ton of car wrecks in Florida, so that makes the car insurance rates super expensive. Also, it’s crazy how much it is to register a car here. One car was $290 just to register and once the title comes from Texas, it is another $90 to transfer the title. Anyways, enough complaining about the cost of moving.

It has been so much fun exploring Tampa! We got to go to the Bucs training camp. Josh’s dream came true! Mackenzie has a new favorite football player. It is “Jameis Wednesday”.

IMG_2955IMG_2962 IMG_2954

We also went to Clearwater Beach. I’m so lucky that I get to live less than an hour from there! I never thought that I would live in Florida or live that close to such a beautiful beach. I was concerned about how the kids would react to the sand and water. When Mackenzie was one, we went to Clearwater and she LOVED it. Last Spring we went to South Padre and she wouldn’t even touch the sand! I had no clue what she was going to do. This was Jayden’s first beach trip! They both LOVED it and had a great time!

11836914_10103916020001378_3194151699807965829_n 11800378_10103916021628118_4373503670645996323_n 11800424_10103916020525328_1437372270270608920_n

What is a beach trip without ice cream?! Mackenzie wanted blue ice cream!


I have big news! I am going to be a 4th grade language arts teacher! It’s such a crazy, God thing. I applied to at least 15 teaching jobs months before we moved. I realized that it’s very likely that no one would look at me because I didn’t have a Florida teacher certification. I was only certified in Texas and also never taught before. The odds were definitely not in my favor. I kinda gave up after that. I also didn’t know if I really wanted to work or not. I wanted to stay at home with the kids because it was Mackenzie’s last two years at home before she would start going to school. On the other hand, it would be so nice to have two incomes to be able to do things without completely stressing about money. I want my kids to be able to do sports. I want to be able to buy shoes when I need shoes. I want to buy a house one day. There are all these things I want to do that we haven’t been able to do on one income, especially with two car payments.

A couple days after we moved to Tampa, I got a call and didn’t know the number. I ignored the call and they called back immediately. I answered the second time. It was a lady from a local elementary school asking if I wanted to interview with them. Of course I said YES! They ended up offering me the job on the spot. How crazy! I went from having pretty much no chance in getting a job to being offered the job on the spot!

I am so excited and so nervous. I start on Monday! Josh is still looking for jobs, so he will be at home with the kids until he finds something. I’m sure the kids will have a blast being with Daddy all day!


One thought on “We Live in Tampa

  1. You’re on top of it with the car registrations! Two months later and I’m still procrastinating on mine. I love your photos they’re so cute! I’m glad you got the job, too. That’s wonderful! You are an awesome role model and you’ll do great.

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