Job Update

We have been so busy trying to get our lives together in Florida. I’m so sorry for not writing in almost a month!

So much has been going on. I started my new job as a fourth grade language arts teacher! It has been really crazy trying to wrap my head around everything I’m trying to learn and following through with what I am learning at the same time. I’ve been working ten hour days. After not working for three years, working more than full time is exhausting! I really like my job though. If I’m going to be a working mom, teaching is the way to go. If I can get out on time, I can leave at 3:20. That is perfect! Also, our breaks are great. I get the summer off to spend with the kiddos!

My class already has girl drama issues and it has been fun to walk through that with them. That is why I like upper elementary school. These kids start to have drama and they are real issues to them. No one likes to be told that someone doesn’t want to be their friend anymore! Even an adult would be hurt by that. I’m excited to teach these kids life skills and learn how to make reading and writing exciting for them.

I have two classes. I have my homeroom class and then I take another fourth grade class in the afternoon. I don’t think any classes could be so different! My homeroom class is so mellow. The other class has so much energy!! It’s incredible. I’m going to have to learn different strategies for each kid to keep them engaged. I think I have had some break throughs already and I’m really excited to see what happens this year.

Waking up at 5:30 in the morning is not fun, but once I drive the 40 minutes to school I’m awake and ready to start the day! That is the positive to my commute. I am not the nicest, most aware person in the morning. The drive gives me some time to wake up and have some Kari time.



There is a little peak of my classroom. My school doesn’t have actual classrooms. We have pods. It’s pretty neat because that is what I had when I was in elementary school!


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