The Weekend of Dreams Come True

Wow, I am still recovering from the past couple days. It has seriously been the weekend of dreams come true.

  1. I got to meet the #1 person on my list of people to meet!

IMG_3297.JPG-3Ray Lewis did not disappoint! I was super impressed with the way he treated us. He spent a couple minutes with us and reached out to hold Jayden. Ray Ray made my day!

2. I took off work to go to Disney World with the family on Friday. First, we went to Animal Kingdom and went on the safari. We saw a ton of animals. After Animal Kingdom, we went to Magic Kingdom. We had perfect timing because right when we made our way to the castle, the show on the stage of the castle was starting. The show started with Mickey and Minnie. While we were watching the beginning, Mackenzie asked me where Cinderella was. Right when she finished asking me where Cinderella was, the princesses came on stage. You guys should have seen her face! Luckily I was wearing sunglasses because I definitely had tears in my eyes. Disney is truly a magical place of happiness. Who would have thought I would have cried at Disney World? It is definitely something that is difficult to explain. It’s basically the same thing as watching your kids open presents at Christmas. These events turn from being about what I want for Christmas or the roller coasters I want to ride into watching my children get to meet “real” princesses and see extreme happiness on their faces. There isn’t a whole lot that would trump that.


Both kids loved It’s a Small World and Peter Pan. Although we had a great time, Jayden has lost all privileges of going back for at least a couple years. He was not good! This kid did not want to be held. He was throwing fits. He was super tired from not having a good nap. I think he might have been too young, but we couldn’t pass up the free tickets!

This coming week is not the “Week of Dreams Come True” for me! This is a crazy week at work. Report cards are due, my first observation, lots and lots of meetings, and conference night. Luckily, it should slow down a little after this week and all these holiday breaks are coming up. The time off is definitely a perk of being a teacher. I’m looking forward to the new year because work will be a little less challenging. I’ll have pretty much done everything one time.

It has been a really tough time for me emotionally with lots of personal things going on. Caring and praying for family members. Loving work, but it still remains challenging. Figuring out missing pieces to puzzles. Missing Austin. Trying to find my place in Tampa. Trying to stay true to who I am. Remembering that God continues to be faithful through it all, no matter what happens.


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