No More Stress!

Wow, last week was unbelievably stressful! Teaching is super demanding. All in one week, I had report cards due, parent/teacher conferences, an observation (two meetings around that), meeting about report cards, along with all the normal day to day responsibilities. Guess what?! It’s over and I can breathe now! This coming week I have an observation and report cards go out, but I also have Wednesday off. My ESOL class finishes on the 18th and I am a little over halfway done with the entire class. Oops…I guess that is what I will be doing on my day off 🙂

This weekend, Josh’s brother, grandma, and uncle were in town. It was been a blast. I love having visitors, especially when Mackenzie adores them! Mackenzie is so in love with Josh’s grandma. She is constantly asking where her grandma is and wanting to sit on her lap. It is so fun to see how much joy it has brought everyone.

Oma teaching Mackenzie how to knit!


I am looking forward to the holidays. I need a break and I can’t wait for all of the exciting things happening around these times. We have a wedding in St. Louis, probably Thanksgiving in DC, and my family is joining us for Christmas in Tampa. I am so thankful for family around the holidays. I am looking for cheap or homemade advent calendars. I think that this is the perfect year to start one with Mackenzie. Does anyone have some ideas? I found a couple cute ones on Pinterest and a reading plan using Jesus Storybook Bible, but what do I put in the calendar for the kids?

One last thing that I am super excited about! I just got Audible. This could be really dangerous. I might not actually ever read again. The first month is free and then I got a Living Social deal and paid $8 for three months of Audible. Audible is a website where you can listen to books. Typically, if you are a member, you pay about $15/month and you get one book and discounts on extra books you decide to buy. My first book is For the Love by Jen Hatmaker and I am loving it. I figure with my commute, I should be doing something a little more productive than listening to the radio that more often than not is commercials rather than songs. Also, I love Jen Hatmaker. She is from Austin and she has a lot of great insight. I look up to her as a wife and mom. There is a lot that I can learn from her. I’m excited to listen to this book and be more productive on my commute to and from work! It might help me set a positive attitude for my day.


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