My Journey to Embrace Imperfection

I have learned so much this week from Disney Pixar’s new movie, Inside Out. We didn’t watch it in theaters, but we heard so many great things about it that we preordered it on Amazon. Even though it is an animated movie, it really has so much meat in it. I love how the movie explained that a lot of times joy came after sadness or maybe it’s better to say that joy was birthed from sadness. It became clear that sadness is good and necessary.

Too many times do I try and hide my emotions. Feeling and expressing all of the “feels” is healthy and okay! What is not okay or healthy is hiding them. This leads me to the theme of my life the past couple weeks…vulnerability. I have discovered that I am decent at talking about my life and what is going on in my life, but I am really good at compartmentalizing the emotions that come with it. I have some pretty emotional and difficult things going on right now. I’m good at telling people in a nice, calm voice that I am stressed by the millions of things expected from me in my life or that I have some family members that could probably be doing better right now. What I am not good at is crying. I am not good at expressing the feels that go along with my circumstance. I’m not being truly vulnerable or open and those are NOT mutually exclusive.

The first event of the repetitive theme of vulnerability is our Wednesday Night Talks we have. Once a month on a Wednesday night, we have a friend, usually a friend of Josh’s from Los Angeles, come to Tampa to speak about a topic that sparks deeper conversations among our friends. October was vulnerability. Our friend, Danielle Bennett, who is a spoken word artist came to share on this topic. She proceeded to tell us about her life. What resonated with me was when she talked about how she taught high school in a rough area where the teachers constantly are quitting because of the students. The students prided themselves on being the cause of their teachers quitting. Her students liked her because “real recognize real”. Being appropriately vulnerable and real with her students sparked a bond and relationship.

Here is a peek at Danielle:

Danielle was super inspirational to me.  Brene Brown is also inspirational to me. Her TED talk on vulnerability is amazing. I feel like I need to watch it again in order to get more meaning, but even just after the first time I feel the need to be vulnerable. I can’t even type everything I am feeling right now, but it really made me want to be wholehearted. I want to have the courage to be imperfect and believe that what makes me vulnerable is what makes me beautiful. After last week, I surely have a long ways to go. I don’t like failure even though failing and risk cause us to grow. We don’t grow through complacency, we grow as we challenge ourselves and lean into difficult circumstances. You don’t go anywhere by standing still. Here’s to my journey of embracing imperfection!

Listen to this game changer…


2 thoughts on “My Journey to Embrace Imperfection

  1. Thanks for the links to those talks Kari! I loved Inside Out, too. It was much deeper and more insightful then I expected out of a kid’s movie. I have a really hard time being vulnerable with people too. I get caught in the trap of thinking everyone around me is perfect and isn’t struggling, but that’s not true at all! I’m glad you shared this. Love and miss you.


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    1. I fall into that trap so often! It’s also hard to have the mindset that what makes me vulnerable creates who I am and that is beautiful. I always make it such a negative thing! Thank you!! I love and miss you too. Let’s catch up sometime soon.


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