Book #8

Well, because I’m stretching for books to add to my list this year, I’m counting a book I read aloud to my fourth grade class. We read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. Stereotypical, I know…

Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 3.04.56 PM.png

This book was really cute! I’m looking forward to the new year when I start my book club with a select few students. The plan is to pull five students during lunch once a week to follow along with the book, Kizzie Ann Stamps, to improve reading and to also allow a safe place to have deeper conversations. Kizzie Ann Stamps is a battle book, which is a district-wide competition where students read books and then face other schools answering questions about the books. The questions are typically quotes where the students have to state the title or author of the book it was in. Let’s be serious…I’m super competitive and my students WILL win :). Not only is this a battle book, but it’s one of the few books that take the story to a deeper level. Wish me luck!


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