Days I Love My Job

Most days of being a first year teacher are rough, but days like today make me feel really good about my job. First, let’s rewind to a couple weeks ago when I thought it would be a BRILLIANT idea to make tornadoes in a bottle. We were doing a unit on How-to texts in reading. One of the texts the planning tool requested for us to use was a set of directions on how to make a tornado in a bottle. We don’t do lots of fun things, so why not start with  actually making this? The kids had so much fun, but wow…it was a disaster in my room. It looked like a real tornado made it’s way through the school. We used food coloring, so I had red, green, and blue water leaking from the duct tape holding the bottles together all over the desks! I had one student who was legitimately shocked that we could do science and reading at the same time. Uhhhh, we do science and reading together pretty frequently. This same student was so proud of his tornado that he was showing it off to his friends in the bus line. He was enthusiastically swirling it around and said, “It looks like a toilet!” Yea…we have a winner!

Today was one of those days where I felt like I was finally doing something right. It’s nice to have those days every once in awhile. This morning we had report card awards. I decided to say a short little speech expressing how thankful I was for the parents and that the awards actually reflected them too. They are the ones that get their children to school and hopefully help their children with their academics at home. When I was done, my assistant principal commented at how good it was and said that I really sounded like a preacher’s wife! I thought that was really funny and it felt really good.

Do you know what Taki’s are? I didn’t either until my fourth graders expressed how obsessed with them they are. They are basically really spicy rolled Doritos. Anyways, my fourth graders have a hard time with actually doing their work. They really aren’t motivated at all. This is where the Taki’s come into play. Uh, I bet they would work for Taki’s. I’m not above that! They totally did great today. Randomly throughout the day, I would make a round with my Taki’s and anyone who was on task would get one. It worked wonders. When it came time to play outside, I had a student who doesn’t do her work often want to bring her work outside for a Taki. There was only one problem with the Taki’s. They were so spicy that they wanted water every time I gave them one.

Days like today make me feel like I might get this teaching thing one day…


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