My Messy Fridge

I really respect those of you who have spotless refrigerators on the outside, but mine is not that way. I went through a phase where I wanted everything to be spotless. This is probably surprising for most if you have ever seen my house. There are things that you want, but aren’t possibilities, especially with two toddlers! So obviously, my spotless fridge and my spotless house have not happened.

Here is my fridge:


I have the epitome of “messy fridge”, but do you want to know what I see when I see this every time I get food?
1. I see what Mackenzie is learning in school. She is learning so much! I am so happy that she likes to be there and that she is making friends.
2. I see Jayden’s sign from the NICU. How blessed are we that he is here and we had a good life-changing experience.
3. I see Jayden’s last ultrasound picture. How fun it is to see this little baby for the last time before I get to meet him?!
4. I see a magnet asking me who my neighbor is. Such a great reminder for me to invest in those relationships. These are the people who are closest in proximity to me. Why can’t we be friends?
5. I see a family picture from my cousin’s wedding. This picture is super emotional for me. This was the last time I got to see or talk to my grandpa before he went to be with Jesus. He is not in the picture because he was in the hospital, but these are the people that all went through this hard time together. These are some really special people to me.
6. Along with the family picture from the wedding, I have the bulletins from my grandpa’s graveside ceremony. That ceremony was really life-changing and special to me. It was one of the hardest experiences that I’ve been through until this point, but it made the gospel more real to me and put more hope in what happens after death.
7. There are lots more pictures of friends and Josh and I. All of these pictures bring me so much joy!!

I am missing Josh and the kiddos this weekend while they are in Louisiana!



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