Book #2

The second book that I have listened to so far this year is The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. I was drawn to this book for a couple reasons. I am obsessed with the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast and one of Jamie’s guests was raving about it. The other reason is that I really love Grey’s Anatomy and Shonda wrote that. Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 10.29.14 PM.pngThe concept of having a year of yes is really perfect for me. I have the opposite problem than most people. Most people have a hard time saying ‘No’ to things, but I tend to say ‘No’ to everything. I don’t do things mainly because it is a lot of work to get kids packed up or I have to find a sitter. I also don’t do things because I am tired from trying to get 9-11 year olds to read and write or even just stop talking while I am talking (it’s more exhausting than it sounds).
I’m not going to do a year of yes, but after reading this book, I see and appreciate the value of saying ‘Yes’ to things. To take a step out of my comfort zone or to push passed being tired. In Austin, I had a couple best friends. Our kids were the same age, we were all pregnant with our second babies together, and we all stayed at home. It was so easy for us to hang out. All we had to do was text each other and we were there. We had Taco Tuesdays at Rosa’s, walking dates at the YMCA (until my car got broken into), and many lunches at Chickfila. Things change though when you move to a new state and start working full time. It took me years to make solid friends in Austin and it’s going to take some time in Tampa too. I also have to remember that relationships don’t cultivate on their own. I need to do something about it. Relationships don’t grow from me laying on the couch watching tv because I am tired from work. I need to say ‘Yes’ to girls night. I need to say ‘Yes’ to inviting a new friend to hang out even if I am tired. I will regret saying ‘No’, but I won’t regret the new friendship that I have made.
This book was definitely a game-changer in my life and I highly recommend it to anyone. Not only did it teach me a ton, but I also gained a great appreciation for Shonda Rhimes. She seems like a pretty neat person!



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