Making a Dream a Reality

Never would I have thought that a group of 9-11 year olds would mean so much to me, especially after a school year like this. This school year has been a year of ups and downs. A year of exploration and “finding myself” as a teacher. Behavior issues and motivational issues have been so hard. I was told that if I could get over that hump that I had the potential to be a really good teacher. I couldn’t get over that hump!

It took until last week of trying all sorts of new strategies to get the kids to do their work. Who knew that these kids would like when I draw smiley faces (circle, one eye, the next eye, then the mouth). They work hard just to see what the face will look like when I’m done drawing. No lie, these kids have come a long way!

This whole experience has taught me a lot about what these students go through on a daily basis. Sometimes these kids are not focusing on writing because they are wondering whether they are going to eat dinner that night or if they will be up all night taking care of their siblings while their parents work their three jobs. I have never had to go through something like that!

Earlier this year, we learned about St. Augustine, the oldest permanent settlement in the United States. My students thought it was really awesome! Us teachers thought it would be really exciting to take the kids on a field trip to visit, in person. When we told the students we were going and how much it was going to cost, they were really disappointed. I heard many comments about how $85 is really expensive and how they could never afford that. This hurt my heart. These kids should be able to experience this opportunity. How awesome would it be for my students to be able to go to St. Augustine when they have never even left Seffner, FL?! How exciting would that be for them?!

Would you consider donating so that these fourth grade students can go to St. Augustine in May? Your contribution could send a child on a trip they may never get to experience again. If you choose to do so, until March 17th, you can use the code LIFTOFF to double your contribution thanks to

Click below for more information:
Send Mrs. Chevalier’s class to St. Augustine!


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