Stitch Fix #6

How have I already gotten six Fixes?! I just love when people pick out clothes for me. I usually get clothes that I wouldn’t usually choose myself and I end up loving it. This time was no different and I was not disappointed! I wanted to keep everything. My goal was to just choose one item from the box for the summer and my trip to the Dominican Republic in May.

Item #1


This tank top is so comfortable. It is lightweight which is perfect for the Florida summer and I love the Aztecy pattern. I usually choose basic colors and plain shirts, but I really liked this one. I decided not to keep it though for a couple reasons. I liked another piece of clothing better and it was a little big. It was big around the arms, but I’m afraid that if I go a size smaller that it will be too short in the torso.

Item #2


Isn’t this dress so cute?! I love the pattern and the style. The only problem with it is the size. Again, it is too big. I could exchange it, but I liked another item and am too lazy to deal with the exchange process.

Item #3


Not much to say about these shorts except that I just don’t like the style. I love the color, but they are not something that I would wear.

Item #4


Stitch Fix has shoes now and they seem like they are great quality. I actually would have kept these if they were a different color because I need some nice sandals. I don’t have much pink or yellow to pair with these though.

Item #5

I am keeping this dress. You can dress this up or dress it down. I also just bought two new pairs of shoes. I got some beige booties and some white wedges. Both of those would look great with this dress. I could wear this to work, the beach, a date, or just doing normal day things. I LOVE it and am so excited to start wearing it!

Stitch Fix is awesome and it is so true that it gets better the more boxes you receive and the more feedback you give to your stylist. I could have easily kept all these items! They have an awesome credit program where if someone orders a box through your referral link you get a $25 credit! What a deal?! Click here to check it out!

More to come on a future trip to the Dominican Republic, almost done with my third book this year (I know, I’m already behind again), and the end of the school year. Have a great weekend!


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