Week Project/Book #3

This week is super crazy with testing. Because we don’t have walls in our school (we have semi-walls that separate us into pods), we have to move to the cafeteria to have class whenever anyone is testing. I just found out that I have to move tomorrow and Thursday. That completely changes what I have planned to do! Five fourth grade classes in the cafeteria at one time…let the wild rumpus start!

Also, I figured out the project for the week. Well, my fellow reading and writing teacher found it and I stole it from her. That’s what teammates are for…stealing all of their lessons 🙂



This is a lapbook. My students got to choose one of three significant Floridians to create one for. I did mine on Walt Disney. We have limited construction paper colors so don’t judge!

On another note…I finished my third book of the year. It’s called A Hero’s Guide to Saving your Kingdom. We have something called the Battle of the Books in fourth grade where a bunch of books are chosen and the district holds a competition for the students who read the books. That is the short explanation. This book is a battle book and it is so funny. I read it aloud to my students and they love it. We just moved onto a new one called The Hypnotist. My fourth book will be done this week because it’s already overdue at the library! I’m trying…

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 8.43.17 PM.png


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