“Just Another Manic Monday”

Six more Mondays left until school is over. Technically, I think I have to go to school the next Monday after school is out, but there will not be any kids. Also, we can take away Memorial Day and the Monday I will be in the Dominican Republic. Four more Mondays for me. Seven weeks minus one day of school! All of that to say, I’m not counting down…

I realized today how much work there is left to do at least to be successful in staying up to date this week. I had an important behavior meeting for a student today. They said I did a great job, but I’m pretty sure that it was like…”Great job (for a first-year teacher)”. There are extra things that I could have done for this student, like reward the student for good behavior rather than just tracking the data of his behavior. It’s so much to keep up with when almost all of your students need to have some sort of behavior chart to track how they are doing in class! Anyways, we have taken a step forward. Practice means progress.

Mondays are always pretty laid back because it’s an early release day. The students leave an hour early every Monday. It’s nice because it gives me an extra hour in my room. Today I had to leave early to get my blood drawn. Yay! It finally happened. Instead of writing this blog, I should be preparing all the paperwork for my meeting before school tomorrow, my lessons for tomorrow and the rest of the week, parent-teacher conferences on Thursday, report card awards on Thursday, and a Bible study I will be going to on Wednesday. I also have an online training I need to complete before it disappears forever. Instead of doing all of that, I am procrastinating and telling you all of the things that I should be doing. Paralysis by analysis…the story of my life.

Tonight I will be working…

To all the other teachers out there, you can do it! Keep up the great work! If we start to fade, so will our students. They feed off of us. They can tell when we have given up. Push through it for seven more weeks! Take it one day at a time…



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