St. Augustine Update/Book #5

As some of you know, my fourth grade team raised money so that our students could go on a field trip to St. Augustine, the United States first permanent settlement. We had a blast.

We went to Memorial Presbyterian Church, which is the church that Henry Flagler built. This church was beautiful and the students asked a ton of questions! Below are some pictures of the church (the front, the organ with 5100 pipes, and Henry Flagler’s casket)

Next, we went to the fort. Honestly, the fort was my favorite part. We got to go inside and actually see people shoot a cannon. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a cannonball in the cannon, but it was still really fun to see.


After we explored the fort, we went to Colonial Quarters where the kids got to go in the watch tower and also learn a musket drill. This is the drill soldiers would use to shoot their guns in a battle. They had a lot of fun with that. When we were done, we got ice cream and dinner and headed home.

Not only was the city a great experience, but so was the ride home. I really got to connect and bond with a student that I was having a hard time with earlier in the year. I found out that the ride home was this student’s favorite part of the trip! I think this kid likes me now.

Thanks to all of you who generously donated money so these kids could have a once in a lifetime (for them) opportunity to see a piece of Florida history. They truly had a blast and learned a ton!

On another note, I finished my fifth book of the year. I read Teach like a Pirate. Pretty much every teacher has read this, but it’s a really great book on ways to get your students engaged and motivated in the classroom. It also gave reasons for why it is important to keep students engaged and motivated. I highly recommend this book for any teacher! Ten more books to go in order to meet my goal!

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 9.15.30 AM


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